Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 485


    Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 Processing Time

    The Visa subclass 485 processing times for the Graduate Work Stream and the Post-Study Stream are different.

    Graduate Work Stream

    The department takes about four months to decide 75% of the visa applications. Within five months, they decide on 90% of the applications. Some applications can get delayed because of factors like incorrect documentation, completion of specific formalities, need for further investigations, and so on.

    Post-Study Work Stream

    The 485 Visa processing times for this stream is faster in comparison to the Graduate Work Stream as the department decides on 75% of the cases within 78 days. Within four months, it decides more than 90% of the applications received. There can be some delays because of the factors mentioned above.

    Why is there a delay in Australia 485 Visa processing time?

    Usually, there is no delay in Visa Subclass 485 processing time. The department clears these visas as quickly as possible. However, the department has to check each case for its genuineness. If the documentation aspect is perfect, there should be no reason for the delay in 485 processing time. Delays always occur due to erroneous reporting or misreporting of figures. Hence, an immigration agency is the ideal solution to such problems. Our professionals have expertise in handling such matters. Take advantage of their experience and ensure there is no delay in the processing of your visa.

    • The applicants have to fulfil many preconditions. It requires the furnishing of different documents to prove your qualifications and skills. Obtaining some documents can delay the process as they might not be readily available.
    • There can be errors in your submissions. The department can seek clarifications from your side. This correspondence can also delay proceedings.
    • Usually, the individual visa applications do not take much time for processing. There can be delays when there are multiple applicants such as family members, children, and so on. The department has to verify all the documents before deciding on granting or denying the visa.
    • The 485 visa requires applicants to fulfil health requirements. In the ordinary course, the department intimates the applicants and asks them to conduct health examinations. Alternatively, applicants can keep track and undergo the health tests in time.
    • Similarly, producing character certificates can take time. It can be a challenging task especially in cases involving family members because the co-applicants have to obtain these certificates from their home countries. It can take time.

    In spite of these constraints, the processing time for your Subclass 485 visa is quick enough. Let us now discuss the cost of applying for Visa Subclass 485.


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