Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 485


    Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485 Requirements & Checklist

    We shall look at both the work stream 485 visa requirements.

    • Graduate Work Stream
      1. If you do not possess an eligible student visa, you should apply within six months of its expiry.
      2. If you have a student visa, check whether the visa has conditions 8503 or 8534 in it. If so, you have to apply on the paper format. You cannot apply online.
      3. Organize your health examinations and seek assistance from an immigration agency.
      4. You should have your skills assessed against individual professional standards.
      5. Organize your documents such as identity, qualifications, proof of education, skills assessment, and relationship proof. You have to produce identity and relationship proof of your dependent co-applicants.
      6. Apply for 485 Visa either using your ImmiAccount or through paper forms depending on your status.
    • Post-Study Work Stream
      1. Apply for 485 Visa within six months of completing your course.
      2. Check your student visa for conditions 8503 or 8534. You have to apply in paper form if such a condition is present on your student visa.
      3. Complete the health examination formalities and seek assistance from us for applying for your 485 Visa.
      4. You have to arrange for documentation such as identity documents, study documents, character documents, health insurance documents, and documents of your co-applicants such as identity proof and relationship proof.
      5. You should prove your English proficiency. You should have achieved the eligibility scores in any one of the following language proficiency tests in the last three years.
        • IELTS – Overall 6 with minimum 5 in each band
        • TOEFL (iBT) – Minimum 64 (Listening and Reading – 4, and writing and speaking – 14)
        • PTE – Overall 50 with minimum 36 in each band
        • OET – Minimum B for each part
        • C1 Advanced – Overall 169 with minimum 154 in individual components

        The post-application aspects are the same for both the streams.

        • You can travel but should have a valid return visa
        • It is compulsory to fulfil health requirements
        • You can attach additional information until the department makes the decision.
        • Obey the laws of the country
        • You can add the name of your child before the making of the decision. This visa also allows your family to join you as subsequent entrants.
        • Fill up the Form 1023 in case of any inadvertent errors
        • In case there is a change in any status, you should inform the department immediately.

        Visa Outcome

        The primary applicant has to be present in Australia at the time of the decision. Subsequent entrants can be out of the country.

        On approval, you will get the decision in writing. The document will have a grant number, date, and conditions.

        In the case of denial of visa, you will receive the decision by email. It will also provide the reason for refusal and list out your rights to review the decision.


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