Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 489



489 visa processing time may vary according to the visa application pathway you choose. The Skilled – Regional (Provisional) visa or subclass visa processing time for the extension of your stay in Australia is usually 5-6 months but if you are applying through the Invited pathway or the Subsequent Entry pathway, the 489 visa process may take a little longer and stretch up to 7 months.

While there is little one can do to expedite the Australia 489 visa processing time once you submit your application, V2I visa experts say that they have a few tips up their sleeves to help you get an early approval.

The years of experience tell us that visa 489 processing time gets stretched if you fail to submit the proper information at the proper time. For example, you need to include all the information about yourself, your occupation, skills and qualifications in your EOI to get more points and possibly a nomination from the state or territory government. If a family member is sponsoring you, you need to include details about it too. V2I visa and immigration experts can help you fill up the EOI form appropriately and tell you how to increase your point score and get quick visa 489 approval.

Visa 489 processing time may also stretch out if you claim something in your EOI but the documents you submit do not cover some of the claims you made. Or, your EOI does not mention anything some of the points that are part of the eligibility criteria of the visa. V2I visa experts can help you in checking whether you can choose one of the occupations listed in the eligible skilled occupations for the subclass 489 visa (depending on whether you are nominated or sponsored), help you with skill assessments, and can even help you organise your medical checks.

Most of the 489 visa processing time after medical goes into verification of your documents. Sometimes, the Australian authorities may send you emails to ask for more information. Our V2I experts can help you set reminders and answer these emails promptly to cut down your visa subclass 489 processing time considerably.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the visa 489 to Australia processing time or want to know how to proceed to get a visa approval earlier, call us now.

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