Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 491


    Know what is the exact processing time required for Visa Subclass 491?

    The immigration website of Australia does not mention a standard 491 visa processing time. Hence, the actual time it will take to win approval for your 491 visa may depend on your individual circumstances. Some of the reasons why your 491 visa timeline may get stretched are:

    • incomplete application with one or more documents missing,
    • delay in responding to the requests sent by the immigration authorities for additional information,
    • delay in checking and validating the information you provide, and
    • delay in receiving information from external agencies (such as health reports, character certificate, and security-related info from the relevant authorities in the home country).

    In Victoria, the 491 processing time is 12 weeks at present. But it may take longer in some instances (or some occupations).

    The Immigration office of Australia states that 75% of 491 visas get processed within 46 days of receiving the application while 90% of the cases get processed within 51 days. But our visa experts state that the skills assessment application process usually takes 10 days to a few months to be processed. You should ideally be prepared for the visa subclass 491 processing time lengthen up to seven or eight months to get the final approval.

    Our immigration experts can help your shorten subclass 491 processing times as the main applicant or as a subsequent entrant by providing all the required documents at one go. They can also guide you on how to increase your points to get assured visa approval.

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