Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 Fees & Cost

    The Visa Pricing Estimator available on the official website of the department can help in calculating the Australian 590 visa fee. The basic fee for the primary applicant is AUD 630. The Visa Pricing Estimator calculates your visa fee in Australian Dollars. If you require the fee amount in a different currency, you get this information as the estimator has the option of providing the fee amount in your local currency.

    The subclass 590 visa cost is more than the 590 Visa fee because of various factors. Apart from the basic 590 Visa fee, all applicants have to incur health exam expenses. Besides the health exam fees, you have to arrange for health insurance for each applicant to cover their entire stay in Australia.

    Other than health tests, applicants have to pay separately for character certificates and biometrics. These charges make your cost of 590 Visa Australia more than the visa 590 fees.

    How Do You Pay the Visa 590 Fees?

    You apply for your 590 Subclass Visa online. Similarly, you have to pay the visa fees online as well. You need an ImmiAccount for paying the visa fees. You can create an ImmiAccount at the time of applying for the visa. The department does not assess your visa application without receiving the Visa 590 fees.

    You cannot pay the Australian visa Subclass 590 fees through any offline method such as cash, check, or bank draft. You can pay the fees in the following modes alone.

    Use your credit card to pay the fees. The department accepts MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express credit cards, Diners Club cards, and prepaid credit cards for payment of visa fees. You can also use your debit cards, especially the ones issued by MasterCard and Visa.

    You can make payment of the visa fees using your PayPal accounts. However, the PayPal servers connect you to payment gateways outside Australia at times. The applicants can pay using the Union Pay mode and BPAY.

    Inform your bank in advance about using ImmiAccount to pay the Australian subclass 590 Visa fee. At times, the banks restrict international payments. Informing the bank in advance can help in avoiding unnecessary rejection of payments.

    Submitting proof of paying the visa fees is an essential condition for the processing of any Australian visa. We shall look at some of the other rules and conditions in due course.


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