Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 590


    Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 Processing Time

    The department assesses and approves up to 75% of all Subclass 590 visas within 86 days. A lot depends on the quality of submission of documents. Error-free submission of documents can get you this visa in much less time. However, you should apply at least six weeks before the student’s course begins. This period is enough for deciding the fate of a majority of subclass 590 Visa applications.

    The department needs to satisfy itself fully before approving your subclass 590 visa. At times, they might require more time to verify the genuineness of documents submitted by you. Under such circumstances, the Australia 590 processing times can exceed 86 days. Under any circumstances, the department decides on 90% of the applications within four months.

    Delays in processing subclass 590 visas occur because of erroneous or inaccurate submission of documents. Secondly, providing misleading or false information can result in the denial of your 590 Visa. Apart from this, the department can also debar you from applying for an Australian visa for the next ten years. Hence, the submission of accurate information is compulsory.

    We guide you through the entire visa application process and ensure that you submit the necessary documents in proper order. The essential documents include your identity proof, proof of relationship with the student, and your financial documents. Similarly, you have to submit individual documents for each of the applicants whose names you include in your application.

    All applicants have to undergo health tests as per stipulated norms. You should also arrange for health insurance for all applicants to cover the entire period of stay in Australia. Applicants more than 16 years of age also have to submit character certificates from the concerned authorities in the respective countries, if you and the other applicants originally reside outside Australia.

    Another factor that determines the Australian 590 visa processing times is the payment of the visa fees. Paying the right amount fees in the stipulated manner is of prime importance. We shall look at the fees and costs involved in procuring your subclass 590 visa at a later stage.

    If all documents are in order, you can speed up the subclass 590 processing time. Avail the benefit of our immigration consultancy services and eliminate all errors in your application.


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