Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 590


    Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 Requirements & Checklist

    Satisfying the requirements for applying for Subclass visa is essential. The conditions stipulate that the applicant can be either in or out of Australia at the time of applying for the Visa 590. If you apply from within Australia, you should hold any substantive visa except the ones listed below.

    1. Visa Subclass 426 – Domestic Worker (Temp) Diplomatic and Consular
    2. Visa Subclass 403 – Temporary Work (International Relations) in the Domestic Worker stream
    3. Visa Subclass 995 – Diplomatic Visa (primary holder only)
    4. Visa Subclass 771 – Transit Visa
    5. Visa Subclass 600 – Visitor visa in the Sponsored Family or the Approved Destination Status streams

    This Subclass Visa 590 is a temporary visa that does not allow you to do many things in Australia. You should abide by the conditions stipulated on your visa.

    Let us now look at the document required for 590 Visa.

    • Identity Documents – Your passport should be valid for your entire stay in Australia. Submit the pages that show your photo and personal details along with the issuance and expiry dates. Besides, you should also submit a copy of your national ID card, if you have one.
    • Guardianship Documents – Form No. 157N
    • Income Proof Documents – Provide evidence that you have a minimum income equivalent to AUD 70,000 in the twelve months preceding your application. This evidence can be in the form of income tax assessment documents. You should also provide proof of having access to the funds.
    • Insurance Documents – Arrange for health insurance for a minimum of 12 months for all applicants to cover their stay in Australia. The insurance cover can be in the form of an Overseas Visitor Health Cover.
    • Genuine Temporary Entrant – You have to demonstrate that you are residing in Australia temporarily if you apply for your Visa 590 from within Australia. Go through Ministerial Discretion 69 before you prepare your GTE statement.
    • Character documents – You have to produce character certificates from the respective police authorities for all applicants that are above the age of 16 years.
    • Dependents less than six years – Usually, the department does not grant a visa to you if you have dependents less than six years old. However, you can provide a letter of support from your Government authorities to demonstrate compelling or compassionate circumstances.
    • Parental Responsibility documents – The applicant has to submit Form 1229 in case there are co-applicants less than 18 years of age.
    • Nomination to receive correspondence – Using Form No 956a, you can appoint or withdraw an authorized recipient. Form No 956 indicates that you are availing immigration advice.

    We assist you in preparing all these documents and guiding you to submit them properly. It can result in reducing the time for processing/assessing your visa application.

    The outcome of the Visa

    • The department will intimate in writing when it grants or denies your visa. In the case of denial, you will also get information about the reasons for denial and avenues open to you for reviewing the decision.
    • In the event of granting of Visa 590, you get the grant letter that contains the visa grant number, the date of commencement of your visa, and the additional conditions.

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