Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 600


    Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Processing Time

    Each of the six streams has specific 600 visa processing times. Let us discuss tourist visa 600 processing times for the six streams individually.

    Tourist Stream – in Australia

    We assist you in preparing the documents accurately. It will help you reduce errors whereby the department ensures quick processing of your application. The general Visa Subclass 600 processing time for this visa is 19 days for 75% of the applications whereas the department deals with 90% of the applications within 27 days.

    Tourist Stream – Outside Australia

    Ensure to submit proper documents so that you do not have to experience frustrating delays in subclass 600 visa processing times. Immigration agencies can assist applicants with collecting and submission of documents. As far as 600 Visa processing times are concerned, this stream is similar to the tourist stream visa discussed above.

    Sponsored Family Stream

    The sponsored family stream visitor visa 600 can take a longer time for processing as compared to the regular tourist visa 600 because it requires the sponsor from Australia to submit his/her financial documents. The department needs time to approve of the sponsor. As a standard rule, the department disposes 75% of the applications within 56 days whereas it can take a maximum of 71 days for dealing with 90% of the applications.

    Business Visitor Stream

    Businesspersons require quick visas as they need to make business trips at short notice. You can get business visas as quickly as within seven days of applying for the same. The department assesses about 75% of the visas within seven days and 90% of the applications within 15 days.

    Approved Destination Status Stream

    The Approved Destination Status Stream is a specialized visa available for specific Chinese citizens. The eligibility conditions are such that it does not require much processing for this visa. The tour organizer takes care of all the formalities. Hence, documentation is not a problem. It does not take more than a day or two to grant this visa. About three-fourths of applicants receive their visa within one day whereas it takes about two days for the department to process 90% of the applications.

    Frequent Traveller Stream

    This visa 600 is also for Chinese residents who frequently travel to Australia on business and personal tours. This visa is also a specialized visa because of its specific terms. The visa 600 processing time for this visa is seven days for 75% of applicants whereas 90% of applicants receive this visa in 14 days.

    Usually, there are no delays in visa processing when the documents are in order. We assist you with accurate submission where you can expect your visa 600 in the minimum processing time.


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