Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 600


    Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Requirements & Checklist

    We have discussed the eligibility of each of the six visa streams. We shall now look at the 600 visa checklists and see how to apply for this visa subclass 600.

    The basic document checklist for 600 visas is similar for all streams.

    Before you apply

    • Have a valid passport – Ensure that you have a valid passport.
    • Be ready with your health exams – You can complete your health exams before applying for the visa or wait for the intimation from the department.
    • Seek immigration help – Immigration agencies can help you with preparing your documents and ensuring its proper submission.

    Get your documents ready

    • Accuracy is essential – Provide accurate information to avoid delays.
    • Identity Documents – Your passport is the ideal identity document. You can also show your national ID card as additional ID proof.
    • Genuine Visitor documents – You have to prove that you are a genuine tourist and that you have enough financial capacity to fund your stay in Australia and return. A letter from your sponsoring relative or a business invitation should prove your intention to visit Australia. You should also provide evidence that you have valid reasons to return home. A letter from your employer or proof of studying in a college or university is adequate proof of your intention to return.
    • Character documents – If applicable, you have to provide military discharge papers or service record.
    • Immigration assistance – Form 956 and 956a are documents that prove that you have appointed an immigration consultant to help you with the process.
    • Applicants under 18 – Form No 1229 is the letter of consent that the legal guardian of the applicant under 18 has to submit to offer his/her consent to the child to visit Australia.
    • Prepare your documents – We assist you with both online and paper applications.

    Apply for the visa

    • You can apply online as well as on paper.
    • However, you should pay the visa fees online.

    After you apply

    The department will assess your application and inform you if it needs additional documents.


    On granting the visa, the department will inform you in writing. The grant will contain the visa grant number, date and your visa conditions.

    In the case of denial of visa, the department will intimate you the reason for rejection and the avenues open to you for reviewing the decision.

    The 600 visa requirements checklist is similar for all streams. Prepare the documents required for 600 Visa and seek our assistance. We assist you in the accurate submission of your application.


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