Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 801


    Partner Visa Subclass 801 Processing Time

    Visa 801 requires applicants to upload many documents in support of their relationship with the partner/spouse. The department needs time for verification of these documents. It explains why the 801 processing time is more as compared to other Australian visas.

    It takes around 19 months for the department to dispose of 75% of the applications. As per recent statistics, the department decides on approximately 90% of the visa applications within 24 months. The reasons for delays in processing are many. We shall see some of them and look at ways to reduce it.

    • The primary cause of all delays is inconsistency in the submission of documents.
    • The department seeks various documents such as passports, marriage certificates, bank statements, property documents, social relationship documents, statutory declarations from people who are aware and can vouch for your relationship, etc.
    • Accurate submission of supporting documents can help to quicken the assessment process. We prove helpful to you in this regard.
    • In case the documents are in a language other than English, it requires translation into English. You have to follow specific rules in such cases. The applicants cannot bypass the rules laid down in these matters. Arranging for translations can take time.
    • Another cause for delays in processing is that the department has to establish a genuine relationship between the applicant and the sponsor/partner in Australia. They have stipulated stringent checks to prevent people from misusing this visa facility.

    Meeting the eligibility norms is the most challenging part of this visa 801 application. You need to provide various documents to show that you are in a continued relationship along with your sponsor. The process requires submission of documents from independent sources in the form of statutory declarations. Procuring these documents can take time. We provide the best immigration consultancy services in this regard, as our experts work with you to procure genuine documents to establish your permanent relationship.

    The department needs to be careful while verifying the documents submitted by the applicants. It explains why the subclass 801 visa processing time is amongst the longest of all other Australian visas.


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