Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 801


    Partner Visa Subclass 801 Requirements & Checklist

    We assist you in the systematic application for your Visa 801. Follow this procedure to eliminate errors in the submission of your documents.

    Before the application

    • If you acquired your 801 Visa immediately after getting your 820 Visa, you do not have to submit any additional documents.
    • However, if you did not get the 801 Visa after the temporary 820 Visa, the department requires additional information. Hence, you have to produce more documents.

    Assimilate your Documents

    Note that you need not send any documents until a month before the expiry of 2 years from the date of lodgment of visa application.

    • Relationship Proof
      1. The marriage certificate should be enough to prove your marital relationship.
      2. You should provide more documents that you are in a de-facto relationship.
      3. Financial documents like joint bank account statements, joint loan documents, joint mortgage documents, or household bills in joint names can prove your relationship.
      4. Household documents like joint responsibility of children, or lease rental agreements in joint names are acceptable documents to prove your relationship.
      5. If the department seeks additional information, you can also show commitment documents during an interview. These documents include those that you know the family details of each other or proof of both of you staying in touch.
      6. Social documents like proof of travelling together, joint invitations to ceremonies, proof of common friends, and so on can also prove the genuineness of your relationship.
      7. In addition to these documents, you have to submit a couple of statutory declarations from people aware of your relationship. Applicants use Form 888 to submit these statutory declarations.
    • In the event of a change in your relationship, intimate the concerned department about this fact. Similarly, you should also inform the department about changes in your address, phone numbers, and other contact details.
    • Your passport should be the most recent one with your signature and photograph.
    • Obtain character certificates for all applicants above 16 years of age.
    • Inform the department if you enlist the services of immigration agencies to handle your visa 801 processes.
    • Similarly, provide identity proof and age proof of dependent children.
    • Your partner should also provide his/her identity documents. Also, he/she should submit the Partner Visa Sponsor Statutory Declaration.
    • If your passport and other documents are in a language other than English, provide a translated copy of the same from an accredited translator in the specified format.
    • Apply for the Visa
      1. You apply for the 801 Visa using the ImmiAccount online. We support you in the uploading of documents. You can add your dependent family members at this stage of the application.
      2. Wait for the department’s assessment and decision after applying for the 801 Visa.
    • The Outcome
      1. On approval, you get the visa approval letter containing the visa number and the date of your Visa 801.
      2. On refusal, you get the reasons for denial and the procedure for the review.

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