Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 802


    Child Visa Subclass 802 Processing Time

    It is natural for people to ask how much Australia 802 visa processing time is. A lot depends on the accuracy of the information you submit in your application. Your documents should be in order. We can help you in these aspects and ensure error-free submission of documents.

    Visa Subclass 802 processing time

    The department processes about 75% of applications within 12 months and 90% within 17 months of applying for Visa 802. Let us see why it takes some much time for processing of child visa 802.

    Note that Subclass visa is not necessary for the child to enter Australia. This visa is essential for the child to remain in Australia and gain permanent residency or Australian citizenship.

    One should ensure to complete various formalities during Australia visa 802 processing time.

    Travelling Plans

    You should inform the authorities about your travelling plans outside Australia because it is compulsory for the child to remain in Australia when the department decides to grant Visa 802. In case you travel outside Australia, you should ensure that your child has a valid Return Visa.

    Health requirements

    The child has to undergo specific health examinations that the concerned authorities will inform you from time to time. They can also ask for the biometrics of your child.

    Incomplete documentation

    In case of incomplete documentation, you have to arrange to submit them when the department calls for it. If you make mistakes while applying for this visa, you can rectify it using Form 1023. Availing our professional services can help you to avoid incomplete documentation and unnecessary errors.

    Have a valid visa

    The child needs a valid visa to stay in Australia while the process of Subclass 802 takes place. Your child gets a bridging visa while you make this application. It allows your child to remain in Australia legally until it gets Visa 802.

    Add family members

    You can add other children dependent on this child before the department decides on your Visa 802 application.

    Inform changes in information

    Inform the department about any changes in the child’s status such as change of phone number, address, relationship status, educational status, the birth of another child, and so on.

    Visa Outcome

    Your child should be in Australia when the department decides the fate of your application. In case of grant of visa, you get the grant number, date of issuance, and conditions. In case of refusal, you get reasons for rejection and information regarding rights of review.     


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