Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 802


    Child Visa Subclass 802 Requirements & Checklist

    Here is the 802 visa requirements checklist.


    • The parent should be an Australian or eligible New Zealand resident or a permanent Australian visa holder.
    • The child has to be a biological, adopted or stepchild of the sponsoring parent/s.

    Adopted Child

    • Finalization of adoption procedure should be before the child turns 18 years of age
    • Adoption could have taken place either before or after the parent became an Australian/New Zealand citizen or permanent Australian visa holder.
    • In the latter case, the adoption should have been as per the prescribed Australian rules concerning adoption

    Step Child

    • Stepchild should be a child of its step-parent’s former partner and be less than 18 years of age.


    The child must have an eligible sponsor in the form of a parent or parent’s spouse. Prior approval of the department is necessary as the department is strict when it comes to dealing with people charged with offences involving children.


    • Usually, the child should be less than 18 years
    • If the child is a student, it can be above 18 years but should be below 25 years. Under such circumstances, the child cannot work full-time. It should be attending classes in a full-time course leading to a professional or vocational qualification.
    • In the case of disability, age criteria depend on the degree of impairment. The child should not be able to work full-time and be financially dependent on the parent.


    Married children or those in a de-facto relationship are not eligible.

    Health Requirement

    All children applying for Subclass 802 Visa should satisfy health requirements stipulated by the Australian Government. Dependent children not applying for this visa also have to meet health requirements.

    Character Requirement

    Children over 16 years should satisfy character requirements as per the procedure. The department can ask for police certificates if necessary.

    No Debts

    The child or any family member should not have any dues such as tax dues, and so on towards the Australian Government. If so, there should be a formal arrangement to repay it.

    Australian Values Statement

    Children over 18 years must go through, understand, and sign the Australian Values Statement.

    No prior visa refusal or cancellation

    The child becomes ineligible for Visa 802 if there is a prior cancellation or denial of a visa.

    Consent to Migrate

    • Children, less than 18 years of age should have the requisite consent from persons legally eligible to decide on the child’s future.
    • Similarly, the laws of the home country should allow these children to leave their country.

    Finally, the Australian Government authorities will decide whether granting a Subclass 802 Visa is in the best interests of the child.

    Documents Required for 802 visa

    • Both the parent/sponsor should have proper documents to prove their identity.
    • The sponsor/parent should prove their financial ability to sponsor the child.
    • The parent/sponsor should prove their Australian residency status.
    • If the child is a student pursuing full-time education, it is necessary to prove this fact.
    • Similarly, in the case of an adopted child, parents/sponsors should provide necessary documentary proof of adoption.
    • Health assessments and character certificate (if called for)
    • Proof of payment of visa fees

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