Child Visa Subclass 802 Rules & Conditions

    Even though there are no specific 802 visa conditions as such, you should know what to do when you have this visa.

    We shall discuss this aspect in two stages.

    When you are in Australia

    • You, your child, and other family members must obey all Australian laws
    • If there is a change in information concerning your child such as a change in residential address, phone number, change of name, changes to your child’s passport, and so on, you should inform the department immediately.
    • If you need to include the birth of a child, you should notify the department.
    • Remember that this Visa 802 is a permanent visa that allows your child to stay in Australia indefinitely. It becomes a permanent resident the day the department grants your visa.
    • Within a 5-year initial period, your child can travel to and from Australia as many times as you wish. In case the child needs a travel facility after five years, they have to apply for a Resident Return Visa.
    • This Visa 802 allows your child to work or study in Australia from the date of its issuance.
    • Once you get this Visa 802, you cannot add any further names to it. You can submit a new application for the new applicants.
    • Your child can apply for Australian citizenship after a specific period, but it shall remain a permanent resident from the date of issuance of Subclass Visa 802.

    Leaving Australia

    • Ensure that your child has a valid passport or other travel documents before it leaves Australia.
    • Also, check whether your child requires a Resident Return Visa to return as a permanent resident of Australia.
    • At the border/airport, the authorities follow an automated process that involves using facial recognition technology and your ePassport. This process makes it easy for you to exit Australia.
    • You can complete Form 1359 to request international movement records and prove that your child had been to Australia.

    Apart from these conditions, there are no specific Visa 802 conditions.


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