Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 836


Carer Visa Subclass 836 Processing Time

There is no fixed Australian 836 Visa processing time. The department deals with these visas as and when they come subject to capping and queuing.

Capping of Visas

Specific visas have an annual migration cap. It entails that the department will process these visas until the number of applicants reaches the cap level or ceiling level. On attaining the cap, the department stops issuing these visas for the particular Migration Program year and subjects it to queuing for the next migration year.


All parent and family visas face capping and queuing. These visas have high demand. Both the carer visas Subclasses 116 and 836 are subject to caps and queues. The department accepts all eligible applications that meet the criteria and place it in a queue until a slot becomes available. As the places fall vacant, the department finalizes the application from the queue. It is a fixed queue where no application will get priority over the others.

Delays in processing

Availing our services for applying to Carer Visa Subclass 836 can help you avoid delays in Visa Subclass 836 processing time. Usually, the delays in Australia Visa 836 processing times are because of the following reasons.

  • Incorrect filling of the application
  • Incomplete submission of documents required for carer visa 836
  • Time is taken by the department to verify information supplied by the applicant

The department does not process this visa if you do not pay the correct visa fees. Under such circumstances, the department notifies the applicant and if necessary, returns the application as well.

Assessment of Visa

The department assesses the visa application in two stages.

  • Check the visa application thoroughly and add it to the queue if it satisfies all eligibility criteria. Otherwise, the department refuses the application.
  • When a slot becomes available, the department continues assessing the proposal on merit.

Note that the department will inform you of its decision in writing. Hence, you should not arrange to move to Australia until you get confirmation from the department.

Another critical point to note is that family migration visas are in high demand in Australia. Therefore, it can take some years as well for the grant of Visa Subclass 836. It depends on the Migration program cap and the availability of slots. 


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