Requirements Checklist For Visa Subclass 836


Carer Visa Subclass 836 Requirements & Checklist

Here are the 836 Visa requirements Checklist.

Are you a carer for someone?

The principal eligibility criterion is that you should be willing to provide continuous and substantial care to your relative or family member who does not have access to medical care in Australia. Thus, you should understand the medical condition of your sponsor and know what their care needs are.

Do you have a sponsor?

It is necessary to have a sponsor to be eligible for Visa 836. Secondly, the Department of Home Affairs should approve of the sponsor.

Do you hold or have held a substantive visa?

You should have or should have held a substantive Australian visa (except the transit Visa Subclass 771).

Do you satisfy health requirements?

One of the critical 836 Visa requirements is that you and the other co-applicants should satisfy the stipulated health requirements.

Do you meet character requirements?

All applicants above the age of 16 years should submit character certificates from the respective police departments of the countries/states where they have spent a minimum of 12 months in the previous ten years.

Are you a debtor of the Australian Government?

If you or the other co-applicants owe any money to the Australian Government, you should repay it immediately. Alternatively, you can have a formal agreement to repay it.

Do you have any visa cancellation record in Australia?

If you have any record of cancellation of any visa in any class in Australia before this application, the department might not grant you this visa as well.

Have you read the Australian values Statement and signed it?

All applicants above 18 years of age should read, understand, and sign the Australian values statement. 

Document checklist

Go through the document checklist for 836 Visa before you apply for it. We have experts to deal with such situations. Providing false documents or misleading information not only leads to refusal of Visa 836 but also ensures that you and your family members listed in the application do not get an Australian visa for ten years. Hence, it is necessary to provide accurate documents.

  • Identity documents – Submit copies of your passport showing your photo, personal details, and passport issue and expiry dates. Also, you have to submit your national identity card, if you have one.
  • Bupa Medical Certificate – Bupa Medical Visa Services issues this certificate stating that your relative or family member requires continuous care for their medical condition. You should start this assessment before you apply for the Subclass Visa 836. You can submit this certificate within three months of the application.
  • Character Documents – All persons over 16 years in the application should submit character certificates from the Australian Federal Police if they have spent more than 12 months in the last ten years since crossing 16 years of age. Also, you should provide such certificates from every country including your home country where you have spent more than one year in the last ten years.
  • Nomination Documents – Inform the department if you are nominating an immigration assistance provider or otherwise in the prescribed format.
  • Relationship Documents – Provide relationship documents for every co-applicant in your application form irrespective of whether they are less than or more than 18 years. For co-applicants less than 18 years, you should produce the consent from the person having the legal right to decide where it lives and is not accompanying the child to Australia.
  • Partner Documents – Prove identity, character, and relationship with your partner by submitting current marriage certificate or joint bank account statements.

After you apply

You should be in Australia both when you apply and when the department decides to grant or refuse the visa.

You will get the decision in writing. The grant decision will include your Visa grant number, the date of commencement of the visa, the date by which you should enter Australia, and your visa conditions.

In the case of denial of Visa 836, you will get the refusal in writing stating the reasons for refusal and whether you have the rights to review the decision.

Note that all fees paid in connection with Subclass Visa 836 are non-refundable even in case of denial of visa.


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