Canada Temporary Resident Visa Fee & Cost


    Canada Temporary Resident Visa Fee & Cost

    There are two types of fee requirements for Canada Temporary Resident Visa. One is the processing fee for the application and the other is the biometric fee. Both these fee requirements vary for a single person and family. Additionally, the applicants also need to provide enough information about their financial situation to ensure that they can sustain in Canada while they visit.

    Let us first discuss the Canada Temporary Resident Visa Fee for application processing and biometric:

    • The application fee for a visitor visa is CAD 100 per person. 
    • If you are applying as a family of 5 or more people then you are required to pay 1 fee per family which is CAD 500. 
    • If you are just seeking a transit visa then no processing fee is required. 
    • For biometrics, CAD 85 needs to be paid per person. 
    • For biometrics also, you can apply as a family of 2 or more people. The maximum biometric fee per family is CAD 170. However, it should be considered that all the family members are applying from the same place and at the same time.

    You must also note that the processing fee is non-refundable. So in case, your TRV application gets rejected, your application fee would not be refunded.

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