Canada Temporary Resident Visa Processing Time


    Canada Temporary Resident Visa Processing Time

    The processing time of a temporary resident visa (TRV) application is the time it takes to assess all the documents provided by the applicant and make a decision accordingly. The processing time of TRV applications starts from when the application is received by the immigration authorities of Canada.

    The CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) updates the estimated processing times every week on its website so that applicants can have a clear estimate. This processing time is calculated based on how long it took to process complete applications in the past. Canada Temporary Visa Processing Time varies depending on the following:

    • Type of your temporary residence application: Whether you are applying for a visitor visa from inside Canada or outside Canada, whether it is a super visa, or if you are seeking an extension for your visitor visa
    • Country: It also depends on your country of residence.

    For instance, if you are applying for a Visitor Visa from India it would take around 89 days processing time while if you are applying for a Visitor Visa from inside Canada, it would take around 42 days. This time does not include the time required for biometrics and the time it takes to reach the immigration office from a VAC (Visa Application Center).

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