Canada Temporary Resident Visa Requirements & Checklist


    Canada Temporary Resident Visa Requirements & Checklist

    The complete process of acquiring a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa is of 4 steps. In step 1, you need to gather all the necessary documents required. The details of which are given below. In step 2, you are required to fill out the application forms completely and accurately. In step 3, you need to pay the application processing fee. At last, in step 4, you need to submit the application.

    Before submitting the application, you must complete the document checklist to ensure that you have included every necessary document. Here is a complete Canada Temporary Resident Visa Requirements & Checklist:

    • Application Form: Ensure that you have filled the application forms correctly. 
    • Application Fee: Provide proof of payment of the visa application fee in an acceptable format and also the biometric fee if it is applicable. 
    • Passport: Provide a photocopy of your valid passport.
    • Photographs: Provide two photographs (not more than 6 months old). 
    • Funds: Provide proof of financial support that would convince the authorities that you can cover your expenses in Canada such as bank statements, employment details, written statements etc. 
    • Purpose: Provide your purpose of travel to Canada to convince the immigration authorities that you shall return home once your visit is complete.

    V2I immigration experts can provide adequate guidance on how to fill out forms correctly and ensure that all the documents are in order before you submit your application. Consult with them to ensure a smooth process of acquiring the temporary resident visa for Canada.

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