Canadian Student Visa Processing Time

    The Canadian Universities are known for providing educational opportunities to both Canadian as well as International Students alike. They follow a systematic procedure to process each student’s application. If you have applied to a Canadian University, your application would require some processing time. This time begins from the day you submit your application to the day when you receive the results

    The usual processing time for a student visa application is 90 days but it may take longer or shorter depending upon:

    • Whether you have submitted a complete application
    • The situation in your home country
    • how quickly the immigration authorities can process applications they already have received
    • how easily your information can be verified
    • how long you take to respond to any request or concerns
    • other factors

    For instance, currently, the processing times for student visa application for Canada is 11 weeks for India. This processing time does not include the time it takes to get the biometrics done and the time taken by the application to reach the immigration authorities from the VAC (Visa Application Center).

    To check the status of your application you can follow these steps:

    • Check the status of your application if you have already submitted the application
    • If you haven’t applied yet, then you can check the approximate processing times on the CIC website. Just select your type of application and the country from where you are applying.

    If you want to quicken your application processing time, you should:

    • Ensure that you have submitted a complete application 
    • You have provided all the documents 
    • You have filled out the application correctly
    Student Direct Stream (SDS): For students applying from countries like India, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Philippines etc, Canadian authorities provide a Student Direct Stream. As per this, you can get your study permit in just 20 Calendar Days. This, however, depends on whether you have got your biometrics done and have provided a correct and complete application. V2I Canada Student Visa Experts have assisted many students in getting their student visas approved quickly. Consult them today for complete information on Canadian Student Visa Processing.

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