Canadian Student Visa Requirements & Checklist


    Canadian Student Visa Requirements & Checklist

    As soon as you receive your college acceptance letter, you should start preparing for your visa application. Make sure you have enough time for getting your application approved. For instance, if you are applying for September intake then you must begin your visa application preparations by June. Refer to the Canadian Student Visa Processing Time for more information on that.

    Take a glance at the latest Canadian Student Visa Requirements Checklist. You require the following documents are required for applying for a student visa.

    • Valid Passport: you must have a valid passport that should cover the time you are going to stay in Canada. For instance, if your course is two-years long, then your passport must be valid for at least two years. 
    • Letter of Acceptance: you need to prove that you have been accepted by a DLI (Designated Learning Institution). The letter of acceptance would state the title of your course, duration and level of study, the possible date of admission and the start date of your course. 
    • Proof of Funds: you also need to provide proof that you have the required funds to pay your tuition fee for Canada and you will be able to manage your living expenses as well.
      • It is deemed that a student would require at least CAD 10000 for every year of their stay in Canada. 
      • For that, you need a blocked account (GIC-Guaranteed Investment Certificate) with a CAD 10200 deposit. 
      • You can obtain a GIC from a participating financial institution. Some of these institutions are ICICI Bank Canada, HSBC and SBI Canada Bank. 
      • You are also required to provide a receipt of payment of your tuition fees for at least one year. 
      • If you are receiving any scholarships or any other funding from a government or other funding agency, you must provide evidence of the same. 
    • Passport size Photographs: you also require two latest passport photos for the application. Your name should be printed on the back of the photographs. The photographs must be dated and should be taken in the past 6 months. 
    • Medical Clearance: you need to prove that you are mentally and physically fit for Canada. For that, you are required to get the routine check-up done for the medical centres listed by the Canadian authorities. 
    • English Language Proficiency: you need to submit your English Language proficiency score to the authorities along with your application. Canadian Universities generally accept IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT and TOFEL. The tests should be taken within the past 24 months only. 
    • Educational Transcripts: you will also be required to provide your transcripts for high-school, college or diploma as applicable. All these documents need to be attested by a designated authorized official such as a lawyer. 
    • For Minor Students: For minors who are travelling alone, their parents need a letter of authorization signed by both the parents or guardians. It must also contain the name of the adult who would be responsible for the student in Canada. If a minor is travelling with any one of the parents, then the other parent needs to provide a letter of authorization. 
    • Medical Examination: You will be required to provide a medical certificate. The health test must be conducted by the physicians mentioned on the CIC website only. You must carry the medical report form sent by the visa office for the health checkup.

    Last, but not least, you need to prepare for your visa interview very well. The immigration officers tend to ask you questions about how long you intend to stay in Canada, how are you going to manage your expenses and they might also seek proof for the same. Use the documents given in the above list as proof at that time and it will help you clear the interview.

    Sometimes you are also required to provide a letter of explanation why you want to study in Canada and the reason behind choosing a particular study course. Other things that are required while applying for a Canadian student visa are:

    • Your family information
    • Bank statements of your parents if they are sponsoring you 
    • Your financial summary

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