Conjugal Partner Visa Rules & Conditions


    Conjugal Partner Visa Rules & Conditions

    Before deciding to apply for the Conjugal Partner Visa Canada, one must understand the rules and conditions associated with it. Many applicants get confused with Conjugal Partner and Common-Law Partner and their applications get rejected later.

    One must understand that a conjugal relationship is the one where both partners are committed to each other and are interdependent on each other. Prominently, you need to prove that there have been certain unavoidable circumstances due to which the conjugal partners were not able to live together. This could be due to religious reasons, immigration purposes etc. However, it is to ensure that the conjugal partners have lived together for at least one year.

    Other conditions with Conjugal Partner Visa Canada include:

    • The sponsor will take care of the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter of their conjugal partner. 
    • They must sign an undertaking for the same for at least 3 years. 
    • The conjugal partner must be living outside Canada.

    Genuineness of the application is a must in case of obtaining a Conjugal Partner Visa. Any little mistake or misinterpretation can lead to rejection of the application. Do not let that happen in your case. Connect with a V2I visa expert today and seek guidance on the eligibility requirements of Conjugal Partner Visa Canada.

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