Dependent Child Visa Fee & Cost

An important aspect to consider when filing your visa application for dependent child sponsorship under Family Class is the cost that would incur in the process. At first, one shall ensure that they pay the right amount of application fee required. If the applicant does not provide the required fee, their application might get rejected or returned.

Here, we can provide you with a rough estimate of the fee for the dependent child visa. The application fee for this visa includes the following:

  • Sponsorship fee: CAD 75 per child 
  • Processing fee: CAD 75 per child 
  • Biometric fee: CAD 85 per child or CAD 170 per family

This implies that the dependent child sponsorship visa Canada fee is around CAD 235. If the sponsor wants to include any other dependent child or an overage dependent child, they shall have to pay CAD 150 per dependent child.

Along with the application fee, the sponsor in Canada has to sign an undertaking that they will take care of the basic requirements of their dependent children for at least 10 years or until they are 22 years old. Hence, the sponsor must ensure that they have the required funds.

Consult an immigration expert at V2I today for more information about the fee and cost requirements for Dependent Child Visa. Our team has years of experience in Canadian immigration and will ensure that you pay complete fees for your application.

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