Dependent Child Visa Processing Time

We understand how eager any parent would be to bring their children to Canada. However, the immigration process for the dependent child visa includes a certain processing time with it. This is the time when the application reaches the Canadian immigration authorities and until they make a final decision regarding the application. In this time, the immigration officer verifies the documents submitted as well as assesses the sponsor.

Dependent child sponsorship Canada processing time is around 11 months. This processing time also includes the time required for biometrics and to assess the sponsor’s documentation. Generally, it takes around 20-23 days to assess the sponsor’s documents.

This processing time for dependent child visa mostly depends on:

  • Whether the application is complete or not
  • Whether all the information is correct or not 
  • Whether all required documents are submitted or not 
  • Number of pending applications with CIC
  • How quickly you can submit the additional documents if required

V2I can help you with the complete processing of your application for dependent child sponsorship Canada. Our team holds decades of experience in the immigration process of Canada and understands the technicalities. We assure you that with our guidance, you will be able to reunite with your family soon.

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