Family Based Provincial Nominee Fee & Cost


Family Based Provincial Nominee Fee & Cost

Every applicant has to pay the application fee associated with the Family-Based Provincial Nominee visa. This application fee is to be paid at the time of filling the application and the receipt of the same shall be placed along with the other documents in the application.

The application fee for provincial nominee programs is at least CAD 1325. Family-Based Provincial Nominee fee and cost are based on the following factors:

  • Application fee 
  • Biometric fee
  • Right to permanent residence fee (RPRF)

It also includes third-party fees such as fees required for:

  • Medical clearance 
  • Police verification 
  • Language testing 
  • Educational credential assessment

The applicants are also required to have a certain amount of funds to sustain in Canada. If the applicant is dependent on the sponsor, they must sign an agreement that they will make efforts to enhance their financial conditions in Canada.

While planning to immigrate to Canada, the applicant must ensure that they have certain financial support. To understand more about the financial requirements associated with family-based provincial nominee visas, consult with V2I today.

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