Federal Skilled Trades Program Processing Time


    Federal Skilled Trades Program Processing Time

    If your application for Express Entry to Canada as a skilled tradesperson is complete, then it usually gets processed within six months (including the time to give your biometrics). The processing time refers to the in-between period of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) receiving the application and approving/rejecting it. If your application is incomplete, its processing may get delayed or be returned to you.

    The processing time mentioned by the immigration authority of Canada is based on the time it took to process 80% of the applications of similar types in the past. It may differ in different offices, regions, or countries and depends on:

    • the type of application you submit (in this case the Federal Skilled Trades Program),
    • how complete your application is,
    • the efficiency rate of the visa office processing your application,
    • time taken for verification of your details,
    • the time you take in responding to IRCC requests or concerns communicated to you through mail or online, and
    • other miscellaneous factors.

    What does the processing of an application mean?

    The application processing steps include:

    • Application review by the IRCC,
    • Receipt and review your and your co-applicants' biometrics,
    • Decide whether you are eligible to become a permanent resident (PR) of Canada as a skilled tradesperson or not,
    • Communicate to the applicant when your application processing starts and how to get medical exams done,
    • Screen candidates for any security risk,
    • Conduct an interview (if required), and
    • Communicate the final decision to the skilled traders interested in migrating to Canada.

    Your application may not get processed if it is incomplete, or you have not paid a fee yet, or the program has already reached its cap or has been paused for some reason. V2I Canada immigration experts can help you quicken up the process by reviewing your application and documents thoroughly and handle any requests you receive from the IRCC on a timely basis. They can also help you track the status of your application and guide you on what to do next. Consult them now on WhatsApp at ______________.

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