Federal Skilled Worker Program Fee & Cost


    Federal Skilled Worker Program Fee & Cost

    The Government of Canada has increased the fees for its economic immigration programs (except for caregivers) and the Permanent Residence (PR) program on April 30, 2020. Still, the immigration and PR fee for Canada is less expensive than countries like Australia, New Zealand, the US, and the UK.

    The fee list applicable to federal skilled workers is as follows:

    • Application fee for the applicant and his/her spouse or partner: Can $825 (Canadian Dollars)
    • Right of Permanent Residence fee for the applicant and his/her spouse or partner: Can $500
    • Application fee per dependent child: Can $225

    PR fee is not charged for dependent children. A dependent child has to be less than 22 years of age. Children of applicants who are 22 or older but cannot support themselves financially due to physical or mental conditions also fall into this category.

    Remember, the total cost of the Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC) immigration to Canada is much more than the application processing fee and the right of permanent resident fee. The biometrics fee for the main applicant is Can $85. For two or more applicants, you'll have to pay a total of Can $170.

    Other costs you will have to bear include:

    • Fees for mandatory language exam for each applicant,
    • Fee for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) if you hold a degree earned outside Canada,
    • Cost of medical examinations, and
    • Fee for Police/Security Check Certificate.

    These costs may vary from country-to-country but you will need at least a few hundred Canadian Dollars to cover them all.

    The Canadian government also asks for proof that you have the money you’ll need to survive in Canada when you first move in there. If you are already working in Canada or have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer, this condition can be waived off.

    You do not have to pay this money everywhere. You just have to show that you can easily access this money in the time of need. The proof of funds you need to show depends on the number of family members included in your application, such as:

    • C$12,960 for the main applicant,
    • C$16,135 for two people,
    • C$19,936 for three people,
    • C$24,083 for four people,
    • C$27,315 for five people,
    • C$30,806 for six people,
    • C$34,299 for seven people, and
    • C$3,492 for each family member included in your application.

    Please note that these costs are subject to change as per the Canadian government's notifications.

    When you are planning to move to Canada, you should also take into account your living costs in the city you want to settle down. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver have high living costs - even though they offer ample job opportunities.

    Consult V2I Canada immigration experts on how much you will need to be able to migrate to Canada without any hiccups.

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