Quebec Immigration Requirements & Checklist


Quebec Immigration Requirements & Checklist

Applicants to the Regular Skilled Workers Program interested in settling down in the Quebec province must meet a cut-off of 50 (without a spouse) or 59 (with a spouse) on the Quebec Skilled Worker selection grid. 

You can win points for:

  • Education: They should have at least completed their high school (Year 12). Vocational subjects in high school and higher education degrees can win them more points. The maximum points they can claim for education and training are 26. A Ph.D. degree carries 14 points.
  • Work Experience: You do not get any points if you have worked for less than 6 months. But if you have a work experience of 4 years or more, you can accrue as many as 8 points.
  • Age: Quebec favours immigrants who are 18 to 35 years of age and awards 16 points to people in this age group. No points are awarded to those who are 17 years or less or 43 years or more.
  • Language Proficiency: You can earn as many as 22 points for speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English and French. French is the preferred language and you can win as many as 16 points in the language. You can only win a maximum of 6 points for English proficiency.
  • Stay and family in Quebec: If you have done a Certificate or Diploma Course in a vocational field for 900 to 1,800 hours and have a work experience of 6 months or more in Quebec (in your field of training), you can win 5 points for it. If your vocational course exceeds 1,800 hours, you can win 5 points for it too. You can also win an additional 3 points for having a sibling, parent, child, or beloved in Quebec.
  • Abilities of Spouse: You can win a maximum of 17 points for your spouse's education and training level, age, and language proficiency.
  • Valid Job Offer: You can win a maximum of 14 points for having a job offer validated by the Quebec immigration authority. 
  • Dependent Children and Financial Self-Sufficiency: You can win a maximum of 8 points if you have dependent children and one point for proving that you have enough funds to settle down in Quebec comfortably for the first three months.

Documents Checklist

Once you submit your Express of Interest for permanent selection to the Quebec government website, they send you the documents list and their prescribed format in the application package.

You need to submit each document in original along with a certified copy (and their translations in English or French if they are in other languages). The translation needs to bear the name and seal of the translator as well as the translation of seals and signatures.

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