Spouse Visa Rules & Conditions

    To obtain the Spousal Visa for Canada, there are certain conditions that the sponsor and the applicant must follow. These conditions include the following:

    • The sponsor and the applicant both must be 18 years or above 
    • The applicant and the sponsor must be legally married 
    • The sponsor must be a permanent resident of Canada, a citizen of Canada or a registered resident of Canada as per the Indian Act
    • It shall be the responsibility of the sponsor to provide the basic necessities of food, shelter, clothing and health care to the applicant once they are in Canada
    • The sponsor must be financially eligible to be able to bear the expenses of their Spouse once they are in Canada 

    Despite the conditions applied with a spousal sponsorship visa, there are certain benefits that it upholds. These benefits include:

    • No IELTS requirement 
    • No qualifications or point-system requirements
    • The spouse can gain permanent resident status in Canada

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