Processing Time Required For Visa Subclass 300


    Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300 Processing Time

    Compared to other Australian visas, the 300 Visa processing time is more. It takes about 15 months to process 75% of applications. The department handles 90% of the applications in 21 months.

    Cause of delays

    • Delays occur in the processing time for Visa 300 because the department has to check the genuineness of the applications.
    • Applicants need to be in a committed relationship. Secondly, they have to prove the relationship to the satisfaction of the department officials.
    • Errors and omissions in the documentation aspect can cause delays.
    • Incorrect submissions can also delay the process.
    • Delays can also occur due to errors in calculating the appropriate visa fee amount.
    • The department can seek more information from you to establish the relationship.

    These factors can cause delays in prospective marriage visa subclass 300 processing times.

    We provide immigration consultancy services for all Australian visas. You can avail our assistance to understand the documentation aspect of Visa 300. We also help you with creating your ImmiAccount and guide you in paying the correct visa fee amount.

    You have to intimate the department if you wish to avail the services of immigration consultants to help you with the visa process. The advantages of seeking the services of migration agents are many.

    • You get quality assistance and expert advice from professionals in the field.
    • We update our knowledge with the changes in the rules as and when the department announces the same. Thus, you get updated information all the time.
    • We can act on your behalf and receive correspondence from the department if they have any queries to satisfy.
    • Using our services reduces the chances of errors and omissions that could inadvertently creep up while you apply for the Visa 300.
    • Migration agents can help you with the translation of documents if they are in a different language.

    Remember that you can apply for the Visa Subclass 820 and Subclass 801 Visa while you are present in Australia on the Visa 300. You will need expert assistance for applying for these visas as well. Our services are available to apply for these visas.

    We assist you with the calculation of the visa fee for Visa 300. Refer to our Fees and Cost section for more information on the same.


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