Australian Skilled Immigration Points Requirements in 2019

Australia PR Points Calculator

Are you willing to relocate to the country of outback and beautiful beaches on a permanent basis? Well, Australia is the place for the young, the old, individuals and families who are talented enough to help shape the country’s economy and are looking for better standards of living. This is why the Australian immigration system has introduced different categories of visas that enable skilled individuals from all over the world to find a permanent residence in the country.   

For skilled migration to Australia, a Points System is followed where the applicants need to obtain a certain score in order to be eligible to apply for the visa. The applicants first need to file an Expression Of Interest to the SkillSelect where they need to provide the points scored. 

Based on this information, they receive an invite from the immigration authorities and hence they apply for the visa. If the applicant is not able to fulfil the points-based criteria, they are not eligible to receive an invite or to apply for the visa. 

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Australian PR Points Required in 2019?


Visa Category 

Minimum Points Required 

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)


Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)



 How are Points Calculated for Australian PR?


The Points are calculated based on different criteria namely: 

  1. Age – There are different age groups from 18 to 45 years. One can score from 15 to 25 points in this category based on their age group.
  2. English Language Competency – One can score 0 to 20 points in this category based on their English language skills.
  3. Employment Experience (Outside Australia) – There are different groups from less than three years to at least 8 years for which one can score 0 to 15 points.
  4. Employment Experience (Australia) – There are different groups from less than one year to at least 8 years for which one can score 0 to 20 points.
  5. Educational Qualifications – One can score 10 to 20 points based on their level of qualification.
  6. Professional Year in Australia – If you have completed a professional year in Australia, you are eligible to score 5 points.
  7. Community Language Skills (Credentialled) – A qualification for any credentialled community language of Australia can grab 5 points.
  8. Study in Regional Australia – If you have obtained a degree or diploma or a qualification that satisfies the study requirements of Australia from an educational institution of Australia then you can score 5 points.
  9. Partner Skills – You can achieve 5 points if your partner is applying with you and meets the criteria of age, education and language requirements. 

The above-mentioned requirements are common for both Visa subclass 189 and visa subclass 190. There is one more criterion for points calculation in visa subclass 190 which the Nomination. For those who receive a nomination from an Australia state or territory receive additional 5 points. 


Are 65 Points Enough to Get an Australian PR?


The score of 65 points that we mentioned about the Visa Subclass 189 and Visa Subclass 190 is the minimum score required. This means you will be eligible to receive an invitation to apply for the visa with these points. But will you actually get PR with these points? With so many skilled people willing to immigrate to the country, the authorities are likely to select the ones with higher points. Hence, mere 65 points are not enough for getting Australian PR.


What is Current Processing Time for Australia PR With 65 or 70 Points?


With the minimum scores soaring as high as 95, chances of receiving an invite with a score of 70 also seem tough. But, it does not mean that you do not have a chance. The waiting time to receive the invitation could get longer for you. Here is the average timeline of receiving the invitation based on the scores of the applicants.  


Minimum Points Waiting Time to Get the Invite 
65 Points One Year or No realistic chance of getting an invite 
70 – 75 Points 5 – 6 months
80 Points or more 1 month 


The profession of the applicant also plays a role in deciding whether their score will be able to get them an invitation to apply. For instance, as per the current draw in September 2019, Accountants, Industrial and Mechanical Engineers received an invite for a minimum score of 95. The minimum score for software programmers was 85. This means as per the competition in your field, the minimum cut-off score can increase.


What Are The Requirements and Checklist for PR visa?


There can be a different set of requirements for each category of Visa but some of them are common for all. One must read the eligibility requirements mentioned at the Home Affairs website of Australia immigration and include them in a checklist. Some of the basic requirements are:

  1. Invitation to Apply 
  2. Migration Skill Assessment 
  3. 65 Points or More 
  4. Age Requirements 
  5. Skill Requirements 
  6. English Language Competency 
  7. Health Requirements 
  8. Character Requirements 
  9. Signing the Australia Values Statement

How Much Does the PR Visa Cost?


Visa Category Minimum Cost 
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)AUD4,045
Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)AUD4,045

The costs may subject to change as per immigration authorities. Also, there are some additional costs of health checkups and police verification involved in obtaining the visas which are not included in the costs mentioned above.


How Long Does it take to Get an Invitation for a PR Visa?


Well, no one likes to wait but the formalities and processing of obtaining the visa take times. As we discussed above, the time to get an invite might increase for you based on your score. Hence, it is important to score more than 70 points. The waiting time also depends upon the number of applications received in a particular profession and the number of places available. 

Also, if you want your application to take the least time make sure you have prepared it the right way. There should be no errors and no missing documents. Here is a list of processing time requirements of different visas. 


Visa Category Processing Time
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)9 to 10 Months 
Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)11 to 22 Months (17 to 22 Months for New Zealand Stream)


For details on each visa and its requirements, please visit the website of Home Affairs Australia. You can also contact us and seek guidance on how to enhance your points and achieve Australia PR.