How to Get a Work Visa in Australia?

How to Get a Work Visa in Australia?

Australia over the past few years has become a top destination when it comes to students who look for an opportunity to migrate there for further studies. Education was already a strong reason why Australia saw a number of students frequenting it. Besides education tourism, lately, Australia has also seen an increase in the number of working professionals migrating to look for career aspects and employment. 


Do you want to work in Australia? Are you also looking for an opportunity and means through which you can establish a firm grasp in Australia? In the cases that you answered yes for any of the questions asked, here is a detailed article that will give you insights such as know how to apply for a visa and other questions such as


How to get a work visa in Australia? 

The first step, however, before you get to all this information is to decide and go through the types of visas that are offered by the Australian government that can give you the chance to work and earn in Australia. In general, there are several categories under which you can get a visa for employment and here is all the information that can help you decide which one to apply for. 


  • Skilled Independent visa 189: This particular visa type is a non sponsored kind of visa for which one can apply directly by submitting Expressions of Interest to the concerned authorities. If you are considered fit for a suitable position and opening you will be alerted about the same. 


  • Skilled Nominated visa 190: as the name suggests this visa type is a state nominated visa. To apply for this you first need to get an invitation from the state government and only then you can apply for the same.  Once you get an invite from them you can go ahead and submit an EOI. 


  • Skilled Regional visa 489:  visas of this type are again state-sponsored visas that are temporary in nature. With the help of this visa one can get a work permit with which they can stay in Australia for a period of 4 years. 


  • Temporary Skilled visa 457: this visa is again a visa that is sponsored by the employers, which means to get this visa you first need to be considered for the position and the opening. Once you do get this visa you will be entitled to live and work in Australia for a period of 4 years. 


Having gone through the list of options that are available when it comes to visa types that can give you a work permit, you first need to decide which one is best suited to you and then go through the next stage of understanding how to apply for the visa


Here is the Process to Apply for Australia Work Visa:


STEP 1: since Australia is primarily an English speaking country it is very important that any candidate applying for a work permit is fluent in English. For this it is mandatory to give the IELTS exams which will show them just how proficient you are in English. This is a step that is made mandatory by the immigration authorities in Australia. 


STEP 2: once you get the scores of your IELTS exam, the next step is to ask the authorities to conduct a Migration Skill Assessment. The relevant authorities will conduct this assessment for you and based on your performance you will either go further or will be rejected. 


STEP 3: each year there is a particular skill list that is released in which the information is cited as to which job opening is required. If your occupation type and category is mentioned on that list, then you need to select the one that matches your qualification the most. 


STEP 4: based on the type of visa you are applying for, the next step will require you to get the required sponsorship or nomination.  This is the case of all those visas that require a sponsor or nomination.


STEP 5: in order to qualify for the migration program you need to obtain a bare minimum of scores of the Australian point calculator. In order to qualify you to need to score a minimum of 60 or 60+ points. This ensures that you will be a step closer to getting a PR in the near future. 


STEP 6: if a candidate gets an invitation to apply post all these steps, then the next step will be to apply for the desired visa within 60 days of time from the time that you get your invitation. 


STEP 7: After having gone through all these steps, the last step will be to rush to your mediclaim partners and get a complete health check-up done. This is another step that has been mandatory by Australian immigration services. Along with this, you will also be required to get character certificates made, which you will need to submit with the rest of your file. 


These are the major steps that you need to comply with when you are thinking of applying for a work permit in Australia. As a candidate, it is very important to even make sure that you fit the qualification criteria for each visa process. By now all those of you who want to work in Australia, know how to apply for visa and how to get a work visa in Australia in the most appropriate way possible.



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