How to Apply for Jobs in Australia from India?

Dreaming to get into probably one of the most popular educational and professional hubs of Australia, is a dream that many people dream. It is definitely true that most people even get the opportunity of getting there, and this becomes possible when they have gone through all the ways with which they can seek this opportunity. With all the possibilities it is true that it has become easier to find the right way, however, it is important to know and understand about all the procedures and requirements that one needs to follow. In case, you are gearing up to take up opportunities through which you can fly off to Australia, here is all that you need to know. 

Immigration Australia rules and criteria

Even much before you actually think of immigrating to Australia, the first step is to figure out if you fit the bill and qualify and meet the criteria. There are visas for various purposes, so one can apply for a student visa, work permit and even subclass 189 visa. It all depends on your qualifications and what you are looking for. 

The basic eligibility criteria that one needs to meet are as follows: 

  • To apply for a skilled or sponsored visa you need to be less than 50 years of age.
  • Compulsory IELTS certification 
  • Mandatory skill assessment done by a recognized authority
  • Submit an online Expression of Interest (EOI) 
  • Score a minimum of 60 points in the point-based system
  • Be in a good health condition and comply with the mandatory health check 


In general, all those applicants applying for immigration need to score at least 60 points and this will get them in the race to secure immigration possibility. However, it is also true that anyone scoring more than just 60 will have a higher possibility of getting their faster. The Australia Immigration system is very sorted and planned in a systematic way. So, if you clear all these basic requirements, then there is no stopping you from getting to Australia.  


Australian Immigration Services


As mentioned before, Australia has become one of the most popular destinations when it comes to students and working professionals. And, it is also true that often to help you get going one needs the assistance of various Australian Immigration Services that can help people get through all the guidelines and help them get their documents and papers in order. Needless to say that, with the help of these Australian Immigration Services, people can be carefree and avoid the burden of missing out anything that is crucial. 


When you need expert advice about immigration Australia and Australia immigration procedures, you have tons of options that are available. Depending upon your comforts of payments schedules and how fast you need to see things moving forward there are various service portals that you can choose from. So, waste no more time and connect with an Australian Immigration Service that can help you fly straight into Australia. 


PR Australia


Most people who travel to Australia look for means and ways in which they can get a Permanent Residency in the city that they love so much. Most of the visas that are offered to students and working professionals alike, can sooner or later lead to a person getting a PR in Australia. The chances and ways are plenty as long as you file for it the ethical and justified way. Here is an insight to the ways in which you can apply for a PR in Australia.


How to get PR in Australia?


If you are looking for the fastest ways of getting a PR in Australia, then let us tell that none of them is fast, unless you do the following steps in the most precise and ethical ways. Before you look for How to apply for PR in Australia, it will be great if you go through the following steps to ensure that there is no way that you miss the chance of getting there. 


  • Did you know that there are over 40 types of visas with the help of which you can get to Australia? The first step will be to understand which visa you can apply for based on your requirements and qualifications. 
  • The next step will be to apply for a visa that best suits your needs. 
  • The last and final step will be to wait for revert from them. 


As a mandate, it is crucial to ensure that before you even get into deciding which Australian Immigration Service to choose, it is important to plan your finances and other must-haves. Because, even when it comes to applying for visas of various types, you need to have a certain amount set aside to pay for it. Most of the Australian Immigration Services who assist people in making their transition from their place to that of Australia offer support round the clock and constantly guide them on what the status of their application is, and just how much time it might take for them to get a revert.  


How to apply for PR in Australia?


All this information will go to waste if you are not aware of the procedure that you need to follow. When you apply for an immigration Australia with the aim of getting a PR Australia, it gives you 5 years of time in which you can work and settle. Having completed 3 years in a job the residential status of a candidate can be changed to that of a citizen. To apply for a PR Australia, you first need to check your eligibility. Having done that, you next need to give the skill assessment exam and score points more than 60 to qualify. 


Once your application is submitted within the next 60 days one needs to submit an Expression of Interest along with the other documents that are necessary as per the DIBP protocol. It is also important to know the amount that one will have to pay when applying for a PR in Australia. For an Indian citizen the cost for applying for a PR it will take anywhere close to INR 300,000 to INR 400,000 depending upon the number of family members that they want to sponsor as well. 


These are the steps that you need to follow: 


  • Select your occupation skill as per those given in the list.  
  • Qualify with enough points on the score calculator 
  • Submit your EOI 
  • Obtain an invitation to apply for the same
  • Submit your PR application 
  • Get the necessary police and health verification certificates. 
  • Get your visa grant.